Along the River

The Tunes

"From the stunningly beautiful opening sentence on throughout the tunes and text, your book has already been a source of profound enjoyment, and I've only begun to explore it."
     -Bob Mills, musician and composer


Ann's Salvation
Blandford Hornpipe
Clever Hans
C'mon East
Le Coeur Content
David's French Fiddle
Double Chocolate Insomnia Rag
Due West
Flight of the Bird
Flurry Flurry
The Gale
Glass Island Reel
Green Apple Quickstep
Irish Sweepstakes Piano
Kontny's Yard
Laurie Buchanan's
Leaving the Island *
Lise Woncha Blow?
The Lizzerd
Lloyd of Binghamton
Lost and Found
Marble Halls of Learning
Master of the Dance
Montague Reel
My Needs
The New Box
Oak Leaf Reel
Oh West Harp, Ain't it Swell
100 Years of Mischief
Paddy on the Landfill
Quitting Time
Rainy Night in Montague
The Riddle
Rolling Home
Su Loi
Sunderland Reel
Three Susans
Tune for Karen
Uncle Bob's Boogie
Zorba's Retreat


Bilgewater Jig
The Cellist
The Fading Light
Geese in the Cloverleaf
The Good Host
Knock on Wood
Richard's Jig
Shadows on the Lawn
The Susan Birds of Wendell
Tobin in the Morning
Wellington Jig



Autumn Waltz
Carolina Sunrise
Emily's Waltz
Farewell Waltz
High Clouds
Ice on the Water
Ipo's Waltz
Karen's Kitchen
Michael & Karen's Wedding
Montague Processional
Paradise Polska
Playing with Matches
Skinner's Constant
La Valse du Baptême
Waiting for Fish

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